The Supermom Project.

This is where Lil O doesn't answer to O because that's not her name. Baby M updates her Facebook status while Supermom drinks cold coffee.


Anonymous said…
Good week in review, I enjoyed your wondering around the house.
Loved Baby M, Lil O not wanting to ham it up for camera she sick, LOL.
How was the movie UP? I wanted to go see if I understand its about a man who really doesnt want change cause his wife died. How bout having Super dad review the movie that would be fun film him and post it. Have a great weekend, Bryon and I are going to a baseball game tonight and fire works, Tomorrow i am taking mom to see Julia and Julie, sumday a bbq at freinds i have to make pasta salad and brownies, Have a great weekend Mary
Supermom said…

I hope you enjoy the weekend too Mary!!!
Supermom said…
PS. Superdad said UP was FABULOUS!! He said it would win best picture.

He said it was up there with Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Yes, I believe he said it was a love story.
Anonymous said…
thanks superdad for your movie review via michelle. I plan on seeing the movie real soon.have a wonderful weekend all Mary