Supermom has a crush.

I was talking to hormonal teen last night about crushes.  I told her it was completely normal to have a crush on someone.  It's okay to be attracted to someone.  Really it is.

She was all freaking out about it because she has a boyfriend.  ~eyeroll~

I think it's important for our kids to know it's okay to have a crush.  It's okay to be attracted to someone.  It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Even adults have crushes!

Now you know.


Anonymous said…
Michelle we all have crushes is so correct. Its a normal thing in nature. Now is Hannah with a new bf or did the one that broke her heart that was suppose to move away still in the picture. Mary
Monica said…
This is a time where she needs to be single because there is way to many questions about if there is a better guy out there or the crush think too. She is too young to not be meeting other boys. She may find out that what she thinks is her type of guy is totally different.