Never a dull moment when company is here.

Yesterday Mrs F came over for a play date!!! If you area a follower of her blog then you know she ran off up North for the WHOLE freaking summer! Leaving me to roll around in self pity. JOKING!! I did miss her though.

She cracks me up. I can be totally honest with her and I know she will be totally honest with me. That's what friends are FOR!! HA HA!!

Yesterday she had me rolling. We had great conversations about kids, sex, swinging and condoms. Let me elaborate a bit more.

Friday me and the girls, Renee and Anna, were talking about sex and condoms came up. RENEE said, "Don't use lambskin." To which my jaw dropped to the floor!!!!! I am allergic to latex sooooo you see why my jaw dropped. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN GET PREGNANT WITH LAMBSKIN?!??!??!" Since I have sworn off more children!!!! Really FOUR is enough. I can see myself being like 38 years old being told I am pregnant and thinking, "THOSE DAMN LAMBSKIN CONDOMS!!!" We were laughing!!

Anyway, they totally psyched me out!!! I was very afraid to have sex ever gain. Really it was messing with my mind.

So I brought it up to Mrs F to hear her words of wisdom. Which turned into a swinging conversation. "So, you've been looking this up!!!!" she asks. Uh huh. There was a story pop up on my AOL homepage about a new book. This woman is married to a man and has a girlfriend. Something like that! NOW, I cannot find the name of the book!! I am not making it up!! I know I saw it!!!!!!

So, Mrs F must be thinking I am totally crazy!!! To which I may be. I don't know. You tell me.

Needless to say we had a nice visit! I cannot wait for her to come over again.

** UPDATE **

I knew I wasn't going crazy. I found the book!!!! OPEN


Mrs Furious said…
LOL! I did believe you ;)

Now the lambskin... do we have an official answer to that?
Supermom said…
Ha ha. I know that. I was doubting my pathetic memory.

To beat it all the book it called OPEN. How could I forget that??