My ears are BLEEDING!!

Okay, no they aren't!  BUT HORMONAL TEENAGER IS SICK AT HOME and currently watching Grease 2 after watching GREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, it's awful!!!

Today is a baking day so at the moment I have three loaves baking.  The house smells yummy if I do say so myself.

I have held true to my word.  Making each day seem like a vacation at the beach.  I have been pretty laid back.  Only doing things that had to get done today.  Not tomorrow.  Not this week.  BUT ONLY TODAY!

I had to wash the laundry and such.  I had to get the trash together for trash day tomorrow.  I had to make bread.  That's it so far.  Oh, I had to go through the totes in the basement to get Baby M some warmer clothes.  We returned from a HOT vacation to FALL!!!!  I kept all of Lil O's because I just knew we'd have another girl.  Sooo, I grabbed everything out and it's washing.  Baby M will be all set.  Now to get Lil O, H and B ready for Fall/Winter.  I thought I would hit JC Penney's on Saturday for some bargain shopping.

That's all I got.


Anonymous said…
Oh Good Lord, Michelle psssttt ear plugs lol. We had Dirty Dancing Cd playing the day Patrick Swayze died for 3 straight hours. Then Lauryn put the movie on in the family room ughhhh. I feel for you, nothing like a sick kid at home. Good Luck and hope Hannah feels better real soon, Mary
Kelly said…
I can't stand Grease 2! Grease is bad enough, but Grease 2 makes me want to scream. My daughter loves them both!! Ugh.

I wish I could smell some of that bread over here!
Penelope Anne said…
HEY! You left out that you HAVE to listen to grease over and over! LOL!!!
Kelly said…
I loved Grease, but Grease 2 is a little redundant. JC Penney is great for bargains. I could've kissed the weatherman for the forecast this week. No stifling hot temps, and I had to put jackets on my kids this morning! I think y'all are a tad cooler in NC than we are in SC, though.