Hot Fries and Mountain Dew

Those crispy spicy sticks of pure bliss washed down with a cold Mountain Dew.  Ahhhh!  Every vacation should require a bag of hot fries from a gas station!  It should be in the travel guide!

I guess you have noticed that I am back from a very relaxing beach vacation.  We packed up the minivan and left town for seven wonderful nights in a house right on the beach.  It was our home away from home.  A place to rest our sun kissed skin.  A place to enjoy our meals together.  Our place to just BE.

We had a great time.  Doing nothing.  We played on the beach.  We walked the beach.  We played in the water.  We went to Charleston.  We went out to eat.  We walked around the Folly Beach shops.We walked to the lighthouse.  We walked on the pier.  It was awesome.  On Friday our friends came down for the weekend.  It was nice to be among friends.  One night I made dinner for us and one night she made dinner for us.  It was really nice.

Lil O and Baby M really enjoyed the sand and the ocean.  We brought back an assortment of shells and sharks teeth.  Ahhh, I smile as I type this entry up.  I really want to move to that area.  I really feel at home on the beach or even just near it.  Like a five minute drive.  I could totally live in the Charleston area.  Superdad said I'd have to do that with my third husband.  :)

Crazy things I learned while on vacation:

~Baby M DOES not like to ride in the car seat for that long!
~Lil O doesn't either.
~You can make a nice tablecloth with a sheet and make place mats with cloth napkins for the table on the deck.  I would have made Martha proud.
~Sand in the floor didn't bother me that much.
~Walking on the beach at night is like the BLIND leading the BLIND!  :)

I really want to move to that area!!!!!!!!!!  I am not going to wash my bathrobe that I took down there.  It smells like the beach.  I hope that every time I wear it, it will take me back there.  I also don't want to give Baby M a bath because she smells like sunscreen and sand.  I have been smelling her head all afternoon.

On another note, we saw a British Cab in Charleston.  I wonder if Supernanny was down there cracking the whip?!?  If someone sees a show that was filmed in Charleston please let me know.

Anyway, I have decided to slow down a bit and relax every day like I was at that little house on the beach again.

I want to share a picture with you that Superdad really loves.  He thinks it is totally SUPERMOM!



Monica said…
Glad you had a good time...
Anonymous said…
Wow you had a great time, I too love the smells at the beach, when my girls were small they would ask for sun screen in the winter.I would say kids there is 12 inches of snow on the ground, but mommy we want the beach smell lol.
Those memories will last forever.
Glad you had a blast on one last note I have never had french fries from a gas station. Will have to be on the search for those in my travels. Take care my freind Mary
Supermom said…
Hot Fries are found in the chip section. They are a tasty spicy crispy chip!
I can smell the salty air from your blog entry!! I am glad you had a good time. Welcome back!!!
Anonymous said…
oh got it hot fries like a crunchy snack shaped like a fry, yeah no never seen them before, I am going off the visual you created for me lol. Do not forget I live in Delaware we do not have alot of those things here were known for tasty cakes and slurpees. LOL Mary oh and do not forget those ever famous, hot pretzels with mustard
Penelope Anne said…
Now I want a Mountain Dew! Sheesh! LOL! The beach is so awesome - I never want to come back home when I go - I thrilled you had a blast and I think you could talk SD into moving with a li'l friendly superhero persuasion? LOL!!! LOVE the supermom pic!
Mr Furious said…

Send Mrs F your Facebook info, I couldn't find you this morning to send you my album...or search me out and I'll respond.

Mr F
Supermom said…
I found you on FB. :)

I saw the ones on flickr and faved a few! They are awesome shots!
Anonymous said…
I live in Charleston and the British Cabs are actually a new cab company called "Black Cab." They are fabulous!