But honey, you're not that old!!!

Superdad and his brother went to see The Boss in concert.  Can I even call him The Boss since I have never seen him in concert?

Superdad called to tell me that THEY were the youngest people there!  My BIL called it the AARP Tour!

HA HA!!!!!

So now I have this image of a bunch of 70 year olds with ponytails in their Bruce Springsteen t-shirts!

PS.  It's POLL time again!  I added a new feature to my blog to take away some of the clutter.  It's the option to "Click here to read whole post".  That way if I have a super long blog post it won't take up the WHOLE page.  I rather likes the option but I got some hate mail today about it.  Not hate mail in a bad way just MICHELLE WTH did you do!?!  She suggested I put it to the vote!  So go VOTE!!  Like it?  Hate it?