Ask Supermom!

I'm ready!  Ask away!


Vanessa said…
Do companies come to you with products to review or did you go to them? Love your blog!
Kati said…
What do you like to do.. WITHOUT the kids?
Michele said…
How do you decide what to keep from all the many school papers/projects/art, etc. that comes home and how do you organize it?
I am with Michele. How do you do it all! Sometimes, I feel like I am failing miserabily at trying to do it all.
Supermom said…
GOOD MORNING!!!! Time to answer these bad boys!

Vanessa ~ They contact me. It happened out of the blue one day! They keep my busy for sure!

Kati ~ You mean I can have time to myself without the kids?!??! THUD!!!! Seriously, I don't really do anything without the kids. Even while blogging they are around. Nursing and talking my ear off.

Michele ~ Well, this is a toughie BUT I have an answer. First you have to get rid of the mommy guilt about not KEEPING everything your precious child has made or touched! I just keep a few grades throughout the year. As for artwork I usually display it in their room. I buy those cheap clear poster frames and hang the pretty art. They love it and it makes them proud. Their art also makes good gifts to close family and even not so close. Holidays and Birthdays! Organize? I just have a certain box they get put in. In no certain order!

Living It ~ Who said I do it all?? I tease! Listen! We are doing the best we can at any given moment. Learn to laugh. Delegate things to older kids and even smaller ones can help around the house. Do certain things on certain days. For example: Friday is vacuum day! Whatever you do don't stress about it until FRIDAY!! Unless of course a box of honey nut o's spilled all over the living room. Same with dusting. Cleaning the bathrooms. Changing sheets. ETC. I have two dry erase boards that I use to write everything on.

How did I do?
Ah, Michelle, you make it look so easy!
Michele said…
Thanks for the ideas! I do pretty much the same thing with my kids' stuff but I feel like I still save too much... I respect your opinion so I wanted to see how you handle it all! You are right, I need to get rid of the mommy guilt. I must say, I've gotten better at throwing papers & artwork out since having baby #3!