Asheville, North Carolina

We are Natives to Asheville, North Carolina. Which is RARE to hear when you visit Asheville.

Superdad started showing me older pictures from our wonderful town. This started the "Asheville wall."

I had prints made and framed them yesterday.

I wanted to put the collection on the wall behind the TV.

Asheville, North Carolina

But Superdad didn't want the distraction behind the TV. We will just have a huge BLANK wall there.

We have the start to a wonderful collection.

Asheville, North Carolina

So, I started the "Asheville wall" on a nice blank wall in the dining room area. Which is a better idea because you can walk up to examine the pictures close up.

Asheville, North Carolina

Plenty of room to add to our collection!!!!!


Vanessa said…
That is so nice!
Supermom said…
Thank you!
I have a simialr wall with pic like that but since I live in NY, my husband made it a Yankee wall. Of course he was only allowed to hang them in his man cave! lol