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Another Hypothetical about Facebook.

I have blogged about this before, so just click this sentence to read the things you should know before joining any social network.

I have to add another to that list.

You should probably sit down for this. I will be leaving out this persons real name. Not to protect him in any way, I just think he's a moron and I hate to admit that I had fond memories of him.

HYPOTHETICALLY speaking that is!

Okay, here goes.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES friend an old boyfriend on Facebook. This includes your "first real love."


Got it??????????????

No matter what fond memories you may have of this person from 16+ years ago!!!!!!!!! Befriending them on your social network is going to ruin that fond memory for FOREVER!!!!!


Let's say you actually make plans to have coffee with this person. You are a secure person and think it would be cool to catch up. No biggie.

So, let's say you HYPOTHETICALLY set up a sitter and call your friend on Facebook to confirm coffee.

Let's say HYPOTHETICALLY he answers the phone DRUNK from a bar. Seriously! He's out with the boys and they are having a grand time. You think nothing about it since he is SINGLE and such. Now, you begin to know why he's single. HYPOTHETICALLY that is.

You are laughing about things from 16+ years ago. Then he starts making no sense whatsoever! I am correcting him over things he is saying.

You are pretty freaked out by this point. His comical drinking phone conversation took a very sour turn.

It ended up with him saying something so SHOCKING that I will not reveal it on the WWW because it's soooo asinine and ridiculous!

You end the phone conversation like this, "I am sorry we found each other on Facebook. I am sorry I called you. I don't want to ever see or talk to you again." Then you hangup in utter shock and disbelief.

That's not a hypothetical BTW! I never want to talk or see this person again! E.V.E.R.

So, now you know. I will say it again!



One Cluttered Brain said...

I think that is the most times I have seen the word hypothetically in a blog. And I believe you are right about NEVER befriending an old bf on Facebook. I did it once too. Except my old bf lives across the country. So I am alittle safe about never going out to coffee with him. However when I first found him, NOT on FB, he was in jail for something, one reason or another. HMPH! I'm sorry for your experience. Thanks for sharing though. You have such a fantastis way or wording your blog to make it so entertaining! Thank you!

guurrrl said...

Yikes (hmmmph maybe I've got some deleting to do, seriously what is wrong with some people?)

Penelope Anne said...

well, im friends with all my ex's and their families on fb - i havent had probs as of yet - but they all think im an axe murderer so maybe they just dont mess with me! LMAO! You're fine - who cares what the hy'pathetic'al person thinks - they are nothing to you or your universe - DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DELET YOUR FB OR I WILL HAVE YOU PROCSECUTED FOR WRECKLESS ABANDONMENT!

Monica said...

Don't you remember you had a good reason for dumping that guy!!!

People never change at least not much. You always stay true to who you are. In which case men usually show their colors more as they age.

Another point (not that I am mentioning anyone I went out with) there is a reason for someone to be 40 and single. In single I mean no relationship at all...

Monica said...

Supermom... sorry I missed out on all the excitment...