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I am liking YouTube a bit more. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

This is where SUPERMOM says so many bad words that your ears hurt and you GASP in shock.

I need support from you guys!!!! YouTube can kiss my mommy blogging ass.

It's that time again.

Ask Supermom!

My ears are BLEEDING!!

Hot Fries and Mountain Dew

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Baby M and The Puffs

Hello. Yes I am wearing my fancy red shoes.

Shhhh, Lil O got her baby to sleep.

Busted! You caught me!

I have to powder my nose.

Cool things you can do when your baby is sleeping.

For The Love of Reading.

I will not be driving for a few days or a week or two. As long as I can get away with it.

Week in Review

Let's do the Monster Mash-Up!

No need to put me on a milk carton!

Supermom has a crush.

But honey, you're not that old!!!

The Adventures of Supermom makes the Mountain Express this week!

MySpace is all about "collecting friends". More coffee please.

Good Morning!

Everyone knows about Chuck!!

Week in Review

I HEART Lizzi Miller.

What could be better?

YOU'RE NOT THE FATHER!!! ~said in my best Maury Povich voice~

Finding my way back to you babe...

Another Hypothetical about Facebook.

Jacques Pepin

I am Supermom! Hear me roar. Just stop standing on my cape!

Shhhhhh. Baby M is sick and finally sleeping.

Supermom is on

The Supermom Project.

This is where Supermom would go all LIAM on someone.

Things that Lil O loves:

Asheville, North Carolina

Yes, I've said these things!

Should I stay or should I go?

Never a dull moment when company is here.