You're not making this easy on me!!!!!!

I decided last week to cut back on my favorite all time drink! Well, besides water and the occasional cold beer. I am talking about my LOVE for hot coffee. ~sigh~

I love coffee, especially Monday morning...

It's not like I drink it alllll day! In the morning I wake up and drink 2 cups. No biggie. But around 3 ish every day I need a caffeine fix so I make 2 more cups. I know that's not really a big deal. I am not drinking like 12 cups a day.

I am not sure if it's because I have been sick or if my body is trying to torture me. I haven't been sleepy since I've been sick. I stay up until 1 ish and get up early. Even though I haven't had much sleep I don't feel tired. Weird.

I decided last week to take the plunge and give up my afternoon coffee fix.

Today is DAY ONE!

I'll tell you how it goes!

Thank you for all the get well wishes comments!!! I am feeling rather well except for the cough I have. No, I haven't been to the doctor. I am sure I am on the road to recovery so I will just give it some time. No, I am not being stubborn. Okay, maybe a little. I am fine. I promise!

The kiddos want to hit the pool today. I think it's a great idea. I can get out in the sun and chase the baby while we are there! HA HA! I am really behind on reviews and should be working on those. Perhaps, this afternoon when I am dying for that coffee fix I will work on reviews!

We are counting down the days to our Washington DC trip!!!!! I am really excited! The DC guide came in the mail last week so we are going to plan our daily touring to see AS much as humanly possible! You know I will be blogging, posting pictures, taking video and twittering all about this trip!

I am really bummed that Hewlett-Packard never got back with me. Oh well. Such is life.

Okay, I am going to enjoy my second cup of coffee and start my day!


Kati said…
You know.. I tried to cut back on the coffee. I only drink it in the morning as well.. but the withdraw headaches got bad.. so I supplement myself in the afternoon with iced tea.. haha!!
Anna said…
I have successfully weaned myself from coffee (still miss it), but I will have to wean myself from tea eventually.
Anonymous said…
HOw bout decaff coffee and you still have the wonderful smell of it brewing and the taste. I too spent many a nights with out sleep. Coffee to blame.
Hope you can make the weaning process a success. take care Mary
Kristen Andrews said…
I only drink in the morning 2-3 cups and then drink tea in the afternoon when I need a pick me up. Caffeine and I do not mix after 6pm, visiting via Kati!
Supermom said…
I caved yesterday afternoon and enjoyed ONE cup of coffee. ~hanging head~

Right now I am enjoying the best cup of coffee ever, it seems!!!!

Nice to meet you Kristen! :)