You might need a tissue for this week in review.


Mary Jane said…
Hang in there Supermom! ..."the Joy of the Lord is your strength" -Nehemiah 8:10. I'll be praying that you wake-up everyday with the happiness and joy that you are looking for.
Anna said…
Keep your chin up, Supermom, and remember that you have friends who love you and who you can lean on.
Penelope Anne said…
Honey Boo!!! Supermom was born loose!!! Oh wait - that didnt come out right - I meant like 'loose screws' and all (are you laughing yet?) Im so sad that you are sad but thinking about your pretty toes tonight makes me smile! YOU ROCK WOMAN! XO
Kelly said…
Big hugs! Please don't feel apologetic for being down, or for having those feelings. They are real, they affect each of us differently. Some days are harder than others. I know from experience!

Your resolve to purposefully enjoy each day is a wonderful one!

You have been on my mind.
Hang in there Supermom. It is okay to feel down once in awhile. You have lost someone near and dear - no need to apologize. You will get through this.
Supermom said…
Yes, my shirt does say,

"a little piece of happy."

It's Tridents new slogan.