Whole lotta crotch grabbing going on!

I took the kids to a popular indoor play area for some entertainment. It was very entertaining!

I will say that I have never seen so MUCH crotch grabbing in my life!!!

A lot of young KIDS needing to go potty but afraid to tell their parents and miss all the fun.

I admit I ask Lil O, "Do you need to potty? Then STOP grabbing yourself!"


Ness said…
My son used to do that all the time! Now he will announce he needs to go then just stand there. I'll ask if he's going and he says "Oh yeah!" cause after announcing it he tends to forget that needs to go!
Supermom said…

Oh yeah, I have to potty!

Thanks for reminding me mom.
Anonymous said…
thank god my girls didnt grab them selves. they would do the potty dance. get a goofy look on the face and start this beep bopping thing. had to share mary