Whatever my baby wants!

I have a heartbroken teenage daughter. Very heartbroken!

I took her and the BF to the pool earlier this week and we all had a great time. She even took some great pictures of them together.

He has been cryptic the past few days. His parents have been "arguing" and he hasn't been able to call H.

He finally called yesterday. He was crying and very upset. He is moving to another city, four hours away from us. He told H that they had to break up and he wouldn't be able to talk to her anymore.

I guess with the distance he didn't think it would be a good thing for them to still be BF and GF.

I had a sobbing teenage daughter come to me as I was sitting on the porch. My poor baby is heartbroken. I was comforting to her. I told her that the parents may work things out and this will all blow over. It was very sad.

So do you want to know what I did as a loving mother?

At 8:40 pm last night I was cooking her bacon. Because that's what she wanted.


Anonymous said…
Poor Hannah, i suppose his was her first real boyfriend. Perhaps this to will pass and his parents will work things out. If not this is a tough lesson in life for a teen. Sometimes a kid has to follow their parents desires.
Monica said…
I am sorry for H but I worry about what the boyfriend is going through. I hope he can email some to let her know things are ok...
Penelope Anne said…
Bacon over Boys! ALWAYS! JK - IT is sad - but BFs are just for practice - dress rehearsal - she rox and it will be okay! :(
Anonymous said…
michelle bacon is good but how bout bacon covered in chocolate that always makes me feel better
Supermom said…
Thanks you guys!!!

I have taken great care of my baby!
Kelly said…
Poor thing! Well, both of them really. It is a difficult situation!

Whether it's bacon, ice cream or red velvet cupcakes, isn't it nice to be able to BE THERE for them!

Mary said…
You always hate to see your children hurting whether it's physical or mental. Hope her heart heals soon.