What does your "To Pack" list look like?

Let me show a glimpse of mine:

~anxiety meds
~headache meds
~carsick meds
~safety plugs

I bring this up because on our recent trip to Pigeon Forge, TN I brought out the safety plugs as soon as we entered our hotel room. I didn't want to have to continually watch Baby M and scream, "DON'T PUT YOUR TOYS IN THE ELECTRICAL PLUGS!!!"

Surely I am not the only one who thinks of safety plugs.



Monica said…
I was wondering what safty plugs were in relation to medicine... I'm not a mom so I did not make the connection...lol

I would think as a standard hotels should have safty plugs installed already. That is a law suit waiting to happen.

Super mom needs to address that in blogging about hotel saftey.
Mrs Furious said…
I actually have a bag of them that I leave in my main travel suitcase. Along with hair elastics and an extra baby monitor. For some reason we always need hair elastics... and you never know when you might need a monitor!
Anonymous said…
MIchelle i love the list I always prepare one weeks before any vacation. I wonder if it has occured to any hotels to use the safety plus. I have something for you to add to your list. ask if there are safety plugs in the outlets in the room you will be booked in. Bet no one has thought of that before. I too suffer from car sickness. Have you ever tried putting a rubber band on your wrist. each time you feel a bit sick in your tummy give the band a little flick. It has worked for me.
I really hope you have a great time in washington. If you have the chance you have to go to the zoo. It is so cool, even Hannah will love it.
have you solved the lap top issue yet dont know if you ever got the hook up. Well have a great night Mary
Supermom said…
Yeah, you'd think that hotels would worry about that!!

They don't!

Mrs F, Yep, I keep them in the suitcase!!! LOL GMTA!!!!!

Mary, I am taking my friends Macbook for the trip!

You should drive down and meet me and the crew!
Penelope Anne said…
lol! My packing list is this:
**Only travel at tax time so you can just buy new stuff when you get there! LOL

I CARRY TONS OF HAIR ELASTICS ALL THE TIME in my bag!!! electrical plugs - I can never find them in the damn hotel room!!!
Anonymous said…
michelle you are going to keep us posted on the trip three cheers to michelle's freind lending the mac book. I would love to try and meet up in washington let me put the bug in my hubby ear. Mary