**WARNING** In RARE form so read at your own risk!

As I sit here all pissy.


I could type a transcript of the whole video before you could even watch it. HA HA!!!

This blog post is where Supermom has a change of attitude and hopes that you do to.


Thank you for all the condolences about my great grandfather passing away this week. It meant so much to get all of them from all of you. Thank you.


Sometimes I will spill the beans about something that happened in our house and Superdad will fuss about it. It doesn't happen often but IT does happen. My response, "It's my blog. If you don't like what you read then don't read it." I think it's rather simple. I blog about things that other moms/women relate to. No biggie.

Superdad you might want to skip this part because I am going to talk about you.

Yesterday when SD got home from work I was watching NCIS with H. My MIL got me hooked to this show when we were in DC. Man, this one channel plays them like 6 hours of the day it seems. Anyway, I could tell SD was in a mood. I asked him what was the matter and his reply was "nothing." He mentioned he was tired and hungry. I told him that I would fix dinner in a minute. To which he MUMBLES, "In 30 minutes." Meaning when the TV show went off. This pissed me off royally. SERIOUSLY. Was that productive? Did it accomplish anything??

So, I got up and went to the kitchen to fix dinner. How dare me sit down on the job!!!!! What the hell was I thinking? He comes into the kitchen telling me that I could watch the rest of the show but nope, I am going to feed everyone like a devoted housewife does. He then tells me he has lost his appetite. I know the feeling because I did mine as well.

He sits at the table balancing the checkbook while I hand out plates. Everyone is eating but him. As I am cleaning the kitchen he eats his dinner alone.

See, this made me angry. Things like this are not called for. Such a total waste of time and energy.

I just want to scream, "HOLY SHIT!! I just lost the only grandfather that I had left. You want to pick a fight about a damn TV show ending and when I fix dinner. Do you not know where the kitchen is?"

~deep breath. in. out.~

Anyway, I am sure you can imagine how the rest of the night went. IN SILENCE!!! Which is how A LOT of our nights end.

I'm tired of this. I have a new plan. A new outlook on life. I spoke about it in the vlog but since it's taking HOURS to upload I will have to type it out for you.

From now on I am going to wake up happy. Love as much as I can. Laugh at the small things. Laugh at everything basically. Experience new things. Meet new people. We are never promised tomorrow so why are we wasting today with petty crap?

That's it. So from now on I want you to be happy, love as much as you can, laugh and enjoy your day.

**UPDATE** I wanted to share an awesome comment that came through on Facebook. Thank you for leaving it!

No one can ever be happy and positive ALL the time. However, I think if we just try to be grateful for what we have in our lives, it is possible to do it MOST of the time.
I don't express it much but you are an amazing woman. I really don't know if I could do all that you do. You rock and I am so happy you are staying on the positive side of things.


Monica said…
Life is short
Penelope Anne said…
I faintly recall when I was a sahm and my hubbs came home 2 hours late and then had the nerve to mumble "this shit is cold" - which he was happy about after i flipped the plate in his effin lap! i HATE the whole 'ive been out working all day - and you've been here on your ass all - the kings home now cater to me' syndrome!
Supermom said…
I am so glad that you love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Superdad isn't like that at all. I don't cater to anyone I don't believe. I make dinner and serve and blah blah blah but he doesn't treat me like a short order cook.

I understand he was having a bad day but I've been having a terribly bad week.

There are two sides to a story and I am not making excuses for my actions or even his.

I just know that sometimes it's best to think before you speak. It would save LOTS of hardship on both people involved.

There are things that are NOT necessary to voice is all I'm saying.

Mumbling is a pet peeve of mine and I think it's R U D E!!!
Penelope Anne said…
OH NO! I wasnt saying that sd was like that - sorry - i just re read my comment - it just took me back and i was thinking about my ex and voicing how i hated his attitude! SUPER DAD KNOWS I LOVE HIM!!!!!
Supermom said…
I know you didn't mean SD. I was just clarifying.


Yes, he knows you love him!!!
Anonymous said…
Michelle shame on you, lol.Now that i am not working since quiting to help care for my sis and then taking care of her estate, i have been unemployed.My hub thinks i sit home and do nothing all freaking day. Who fills the cabinets and fridge becasue i want to thank them. Who does the laundry andkeep the house clean. For cripes sake. even when i did work full time i still did it all my hub response i take care of the outside of the house. Ughhhhhh and akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. super dad needs to take a chill pill. Do our hubs have their noses at the grind the entire time they are at work. Let me think maybe i should buy a time clock and i can clock my hours. I dont take 2 15 minute breaks and get a one hour lunch. Good lord husbands of america give us wives a break.. Cook dinner for us or better idea, bring it home a pizza chinese, subs, steak sandwich anything and all donations are much appreicated. Ok i got that off my chest supermom try and have a bearable day. Mary, EVERYONE HAS A BAD DAY NOW AND THEN THEY EVEN WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT...HAD A BAD DAY
Mrs Furious said…
It's not Charter it's YouTube. Have you changed your movies into .mov files? If not they will take forever to load because the files are so big.

Dude if Mr F made a crack about when I was making dinner... he would have gotten a smack down.
Anonymous said…
Im with you mrs F, way to go ,mary from de