"Waaal, looks like we've got ourselves a reader."

**Please don't take the stand-up comic line the wrong way. Bill Hicks was in a Waffle House alone reading when the waitress approached him. She didn't ask him, "What are you reading?" She wanted to know why he was reading. After he said what he had to say someone stood up behind him and actually said, "Waaal, looks like we've got ourselves a reader."**

Hence this is where my story began...

The waitress said, "What are you reading for?"

Bill Hicks reply was brutally funny: "Well, I read for a lot of reasons, but one of them is so I don't end up a fucking waffle waitress."


Since I am a READER, I find this very humorous. Any Bill Hicks fans????????

Last night I had a game night. Which was Anna and Renee coming over with their kids. We had pizza. Snacks. Beer. Wine. Renee brought her vodka.

It was a really nice night. The only ones to actually play games was B and Renee's two boys. We were too busy talking and laughing!

Here's a picture that Renee took:

Supermom Game Night


Okay, I am off to read a book.


Good gawd! What a thing to say -- lawdy be...(this blog post was linked by askasheville on twitter!)

I should show my friend Angie (Gumbo Writer) your blog - she juggles family, food, a dying mother, cooking for the men's shelter, etc--!
Supermom said…
Well, it's just what he said.

Kelly said…
I think its hilarious. 1)because my first job was as a waitress at Waffle House and 2) because I am a reader and I happen to know that most Waffle house employees are not! Have a great day!!
Penelope Anne said…
ROF!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!