This one time at band camp.

H didn't actually say OMG I am just adding that so you will know how excited she was telling me this story when she came home a minute ago.

O.M.G. Did you know Icing is no longer in the mall?!?!? It's now an "As Seen on TV" store.

As she is showing me her brand new skull earrings.

For those who don't know about Icing it's just a girly girl store that sells jewelry and accessories. In my mind I am trying to decide how that will solve world peace or stop hunger. Don't get me started on the skull earrings. ~shaking head~ Pick your battles SUPERMOM!!! Walk away and save yourself.

After that conversation I took a bath and began to think about the crazy stuff that always makes me laugh.

*This one time at bandcamp is one of those sayings. I actually had a small cousin that said that all the time because she was in fact in band and went to bandcamp. Of course it was after the popular movies came out so I flashed back to those. So, ~popping gum~ this one time at bandcamp...

*Dating a man name Richard and his family calling him Dick. Even his younger nephews and niece called him Uncle Dick. Really, after a few cocktails I could never keep a straight face. And it was always after 5 somewhere in the world to have cocktails.

*How you doin'? Do I really need to explain this one?

*I know this will sound childish but of course hearing BONER makes me giggle. I cannot help it.
I admit it, I am 35 years old and hearing boner makes me giggle.

So now you know.

What makes you giggle?????


Monica said…
Although it is is a bit concering ang humorus...I am glad to see Supermom in a goofy mood.

We need to laugh more often...
Anonymous said…
Lol supermom winner winner chicken dinner makes me laugh, yeah im a dork. Mary
Anna said…
Feeling a boner, that makes me laugh.