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Supermom Loves Comments! Thank you for leaving them!!

I tease! I am bad to follow and read a blog without leaving comments. No pressure!

I just wanted to let you know all the different ways you can comment on this blog!

~Do you have a Google account? Or use Blogger? Then just sign in to leave a comment. That's what I do to comment on blogs.

~Open ID. Do you have LiveJournal, Wordpress, TypePad or AIM? Just sign in to comment.

~Do you just want to use your name. You can even use an alias like SUPERDAD! Add a URL if you have a blog. You don't have to add anything but your name to comment when using this option.

~Then there is anonymous. I really don't like you to use this option if you are going to comment with something negative! It's just rude.

There, I made it easy for you to comment on The Adventures of Supermom. I always comment back!!!!!

Thanks for all the awesome comments today! I <3 U!


Emily said...

Hey, this is the very first comment I'm leaving EVER -- how' bout that?? Love your blog!


Kati said...

Comment. Haha!

I made a little vlog this morning in honor of your "kids gone wild" video.. I totally win. Haha! I am uploading it now!

Sam and his parents (Angie and Brian) said...

I like comments too. No one ever leaves any on my blog either.

HeartMommy said...

Hi SuperMom,

I love to get comments and rarely do...so I am leaving you one to say HURRAY for SuperMom!!

You rock!

Anonymous said...

but I like leaving anonymous comments...makes people think and type comments on a topic

Supermom said...


Now we're talking!!!! Was that hard???

Emily~ Thank you for the one time comment EVER!!!! :)

Hati~ LOL, I'll go check it out later. :)

Sam~ I'll come right now and leave one!!! :)

Heartmommy~ I have left you a few!!!!!! :)

Anon~ I know who you are and that's okay~ WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE!!

Supermom said...

Ummmm, Sam!! Where's you blog??? It's not on your profile!!!!

Kati said...

Haha! Your blog is awesome. I would gladly love someone to clean my mess.. who would have thought in a 900 sq ft apartment that such a mess could happen?!

P.S. I fixed the button.. I think it is the code in your text box under your button on the page.

I used the code that you have in the actual blog post from the other day and that worked.... pesky buttons!

liebchen77 said...

I love your blog!! I am also blown away by your creativity--it is emotionally difficult for those like me who are missing the talent gene to see such perfection! ;)

I'd love to leave many more comments, but usually my three monsters (AKA children) make it difficult.

But--just know that I am subscribed to your wonderful blog every day & enjoy it! Keep up the good work!


Supermom said...


Thank you for such a lovely comment!!


Just what the doctor ordered!

Michelle :)

Monkey's Momma said...

Okay, I'm guilty of reading and running too! I grabbed your button code and am going to post it on MM right now! :)

Kelly said...

I comment...not every day, but I do comment!

: )

I'm glad you are feeling some better!

Supermom said...

Kelly~ I know you do!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

Michelle :)

Monkey~ COOOOOLLL!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Supermom said...


Thank you for the comment!!!

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

Michelle :)

Patrice said...

I actually do the same things when it comes to reading a blog and posting comments. It's great that you have shared it to your readers. Great post by the way.