Supermom has a TIP ~ Buying Spices in Bulk

Spices are expensive!!! I cringe at the thought of buying a SMALL spice jar for over $5.00. I have learned that buying your spices in bulk saves you lots of MONEY!!!!

I shop at an organic grocery that has lots of spices you can buy in bulk.

Let me show you the math.

Same amount of spice.

Bulk Spices ~ 68 cents
Name Brand Already in a Bottle ~ $5.00 +

No, I am not making that up! You can buy small glass spice jars for $1.50, label them and just keep reusing them for your bulk spices!

It's easy!

Buying Spices in Bulk


Kelly said…
thats such a great deal...I never knew you could save so much. where do I buy bulk spices?
Supermom said…
I find mine at any organic grocery like Earth Fare and Green Life. Places like Fresh Market has bulk. Traders Joe's and Whole Foods would have bulk.

That help?
Kelly said…
yep. thanks