Remember when I was craving creamed peanut butter filled donuts glazed with chocolate?

I even went as far as calling TWO donut places to see if that was a donut option! I tell you!!! My mind was in a funny haze from being sick! Something fabulous came from the craving though!! A new cake was formed!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Yes, it was as YUMMY as it looks!!!!

I used the chocolate cake recipe on the Hershey Cocoa Box. In my opinion that is the BEST CHOCOLATE cake recipe you will ever need. It's the only one I use for chocolate cake.

I knew I wanted a chocolate peanut butter icing. I thought I would just make some chocolate icing and add creamy peanut butter. Just to be sure I did a quick Google search and found this recipe for chocolate peanut butter icing.
I doubled it because I wanted lots of icing! I even had some to spare. YUMMY!!!

The cake was gone in TWO DAYS!!!! I heard that it was the BEST cake and I OUTDID myself!!!!!

You will want to try this cake!!! I promise. I hope that you enjoy it as much as my family did!!!!!


Yesterday, I took ALL FOUR KIDS to the pool. Well, five if you count the boyfriend. Not MINE, I stopped and picked up H's. We had a nice time.


Kelly said…
I want some of that cake!!

My daughter's dad is black. In our community, I don't think about it. But I can see that the staring would be quite frustrating!

It might help to remember that looking or being visually drawn to the couple doesn't necessarily mean that they think the situation is offensive.

Although, I completely agree with shouldn't be an issue at all! It shouldn't be something that draws attention.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the 'secret' recipe!! Now I can make that same fabulous creation at home! It really was good eats! : ) I can't believe a piece made it out the door! Thanks again - Autumn
Supermom said…
Kelly ~

Yep, shouldn't be an issue. My daughter goes to a "country" school and has already had to deal with racial slurs.

It hurts me to see her hurt because of the boy she likes.

BTW, I love your new layout!! It doesn't show up when I read on my Blackberry!! I need to use the main computer more often when reading blogs!!!!
Kati said…
Mmmmmm.. cake1 i totally want some!

As far as your daughter and her BF goes.. its sad that it could even be considered an issue.

The 1st part of my life, I was the minority. I went to a predominately black school. No complaints. I had a few boyfriends of different race.

When I moved back in with my dad.. and back to the country.. i got many many stares, and racial comments when I would bring my BF around. Needless to say it didn't work out.. it seemed like we had gone 2 different directions as far as take on the situation.

Its sad that it is an issue.. but it is in many places.. and we kind of just have to look past it.

P.S. Good for your daughter by not letting other people racial behavior deter her from pursuing a relationship. That shows real character and a whole bunch of heart. Peer pressure can be the devil.
Anonymous said…
The cake looks yummy. I made the chocolate cake on Hershey box in past but not any fancy icing. I might have to make some icing with peanutbutter, have you considered chopping up a Reese peanut butter cup and folding that into the icing next time, can never have to much of a good thing. Yummy yummy. Oh or how about adding some reese pieces the coated kind like M and M candies. Gosh i am now thinking i might have to heat the kitchen up and bake up some goodies.
Hope your feeling better take care, Mary
Anna said…
The world has changed for the better, but there is still a ways to go. It's alot better that it was in 1983, I can tell you that.

I agree with Kelly that the staring may not necessarily be ill-intended...both your daughter and her boyfriend are very pretty to look at!
April said…
YUMMMO! Looks delicious! I totally feel ya Peanut Butter is a BIG weakness of mine especially peanut butter & chocolate. Thanks for sharring the yummy recipe, will def. be trying it out :)