Pay backs are a YOU KNOW WHAT!

How often to you tell your children this? For example: Don't be mean to your sister, she will get you back!

I remember telling H that all the time when B2 was little. It came true. When he got older he tortured her. Sadly now she rules the roost again.

So, we have been telling Lil O, "Don't be mean to Baby M, she will get you back." Well, guess what?

Pay backs are being made at the Supermom house.

Baby M has discovered that she can BITE!!!!!!!!!! Along with eating crayons!!!

Poor Lil O has been bitten a few times. I know biting hurts. Now, I have to stop the biting!!!!!

I have one bit of advice.

That's all the advice I have at the moment.

It's Monday already???? Weird how that happens!!! I am having Mrs F over today. This should be good!!!!


Anonymous said…
Michelle , baby M is not to young to understand biting is a no no. Poor Lil O. We had a Amanda biting Lauren just a few times. I curbed that real quick. I let Lauren bite her back once on the finger. Stopped her in her tracks. Also sitting her on a chair worked too never to young for a time out. Good luck with that mary