Let the OCD begin. OR please END ALREADY!!!

It hit hard yesterday when we got home. Maybe it was being away from home that triggered it. Maybe a combination of the medicine I took for carsickness combined with my anxiety medication. Add some Aleve for my sore body and my headache meds as well. Goodness, I'd hate to have blood work anytime soon!

So, even after sitting in a car for 8 hours I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. I mean CLEANED. Then I rearranged things in my china cabinet after everyone was in bed.

It didn't stop there. This morning we got up to shop at Target and the grocery store. When we got home I worked on the kitchen a bit more polishing the cabinets. Rearranged the closet in my bedroom and added organization drawers. Picked up throughout the whole house. Mopped. Vacuumed. Cooked a lovely dinner. OH, WASHED TWO MOUNTAINS THE SIZE OF EVEREST OF DIRTY LAUNDRY. To which I will fold tomorrow.

I hope this passes rather quickly! Like tonight when I go to bed the OCD tendencies with vanish in thin air.

I can hope.

Here's a funny I want to share. I picked up this really nice spice rack today that can sit on the counter top or hang. I already have it hanging. Anyway, I am cooking dinner and H says,

"Mom, why does this spice rack have marijuana in it?"

I was thinking, "Huh, it was expensive BUT not that EXPENSIVE."

I laughed as I told her, without even looking at the rack, "Honey, that's marjoram. A spice."

We got a much needed giggle.

It seems like there was something else I wanted to mention but I cannot remember!!!

I guess that's my hint to bid you all a goodnight!


Penelope Anne said…
Vanessa said…
I was like that when I got home too. Except I went on strike because my depression kicked in. Now I'm a cleaning machine!

I think it's because I can't stand staying at my in-laws house. They are pack rats and I've been doing a clean sweep of everything! I look at it say "Have you been used in a while? No? Garbage/ donation box.
Weed in your spice rack, LOL!!
Supermom said…
HA HA BARBRA!!! You be funny!

Vanessa~ Yeah, I didn't know it had weed in it!!

mary said…
Hye michelle sure its not pregnancy an not otc. Sounds to me your doing alot of nesting like activities. Gald you had a wonderful trip and got home to take care of all the after vacation laundry.