Just Random Stuff

Things I have heard and probably said the past couple days.

~We told Lil O, "If mommy ain't happy then no one's happy."

To which Lil O said, "If mommy ain't happy then I am happy."

YES, she did say that! I will have to work on that when I get home.

Overheard today at the zoo:

"Smile!! This picture is for Facebook."

This came out of my mouth today while watching the mommy and her baby gorilla.

"I hope she breastfeeds the baby!! I want to see that."

Supermom actually thought and said this, "I really thought we'd be through this zoo by lunch."

Baby M hasn't breastfed today much because she is in a different place. My boobs are HUGE and they hurt. I said, "Ohhhh, H do you want to nurse?" She wasn't amused. So I then said, How about you B2?"


That's all I got.


Monica said…

I'm so sorry you are hurting...
Anonymous said…
Oh no takes for breast feeding poor Michelle, maybe baby M is cutting you off. LOL.
HB did not volunteer to nurse.
I am glad your having a wonderful time the zoo is quite a place we spent alot of time there when we visited.
Glad the vacation is going wellMary from de
Supermom said…
LOL, me too!!!!!!!

No one volunteered to help me out! Rude people! ha ha