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Inna weird mood.

I kind of like it when I am in a weird mood. I have a song looping through my mind.


That sort of mood.

I have so much to accomplish today. The excitement is taking over. I doubt I will get any sleep tonight. That's okay because my carsickness medicine will let me sleep tomorrow. I can see myself checking into the hotel with bed face and drool marks down my face and shirt.

"Yeah, I'm Subbermom. Here to sheck in." Said in slur speak. They'd think I was an alcoholic. I probably shouldn't ask if they have a hotel bar. JOKING!!!!

I should just to mess with them. ~innocent grin~

Or I could be like the woman from SNL that had all the medicines in her purse with lipstick smeared all around her mouth. I could set my purse on the counter and pull all my meds out as I look for my confirmation number.

Told you I was in a mood.

Who wants to call so we can chat?!!?!?! I promise to make you laugh.

I won't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with Hewlett-Packard!!! They sent me ONE email and never got back with me. I thought that was rather rude myself. I wasn't asking for a handout. They would have gotten lots of FREE advertising from an upcoming mommy blogger!! Geesh! Future note to Hewlett-Packard ~ It's just polite to email someone even if the answer is NO for sponsorship! Don't keep them hanging. AGAIN, it's RUDE!!!!!! When I get back from my trip and start looking at laptops to buy, I will not be looking at Hewlett-Packards.

Okay, I got that off my chest!

Now I must finish my huge "TO DO" list.


Anonymous said...

someone who likes to remain nameless (me lol) offered supermom an awesome plan C that woulda worked nicely but since her readers didn't hear the plan C she didn't use it
she had more options
ok nameless one (me lol) will shut up now and go back into my hiding place till next time

Supermom said...

LOL!!! You be funny ANONYMOUS!!! I know you gave me PLAN C!!!!

I really thought it wasn't needed. I sent two very nice emails with all the details and etc..

I really though there would be no problem and they would come through.


Monica said...

I've had issues with several Hp computers so you are not missing out. Please pay it forward... There are more computers out there that we can count on 2 hands and feet...

I can give you a bad expierence... I had not slept good the night before had to go into work early and apparenty before check cards...
I wes searching for a pen to write a check and jerked out a tampon...