I have the best teenage daughter.

I have been wanting to blog about this for a few days. I am making myself sit down and type this up. Ignoring the kids bickering in the background!!! Which I am really good at doing by the way.

I have been bragging about H to everyone that will listen. Now, it's your turn to hear!

I got sick all of a sudden and was in bed for a week. My wonderful beautiful intelligent teenage daughter stepped up and ran the house the best to her ability.

It was amazing. She was such a tremendous help to me while I was unable to do anything. She changed diapers. She babysat so I could sleep. She cooked. She bathed. She picked up. She took care of me.

I know that I may complain about her hormonal teenage behavior but she is an awesome young lady. I already knew this but I wanted you to know!

Thank you Beautiful H! I love you.
Your Mommy

PS. See the picture of a much younger me and H to the right of her mirror???????


Kati said…
SHe is beautiful.. good for her.. and job well done on raising such a great young lady!
Monica said…
She is So Super Teen!!!
She is a great kid. Pat yourself on the back. You have done a great job. My nine year old is amazing too. He can drive me crazy but he is a great kid no matter what.
Kelly said…
Awesome! What a wonderful girl! I wondering how you were managing while sick...I should have known!
Garce Matthews said…
That is awesome. I hope my chillin's will be like that when they get older.
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone!!!!

I guess I will keep her at this point! :)

Anonymous said…
good job helping mom how bout your lovely hubby b did he help too. sounds like hannah did most of the work.
Supermom said…
Nahhh, Superdad was a big help!!!

H was just at home while he worked all week so she did LOTS to help!

Ness said…
Super Teen! I love when I hear a great story about a child helping their parents out when they need them the most.

I love the photo! She's a gorgerous girl, and the baby and mommy photo is a cutie too!
Penelope Anne said…
H ROX!!! In EVERY way!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hannah you did a super job helping your mom. YOur quite a wonderful young lady. Michelle, you did a great job, with rearing her. Hannah its always great to hear a parent rave over their child for something they did that was good. So many times a parent forgets how trying it is for a hormone teen to just be in their own skin.
Your a blessing sent from heaven. Love luck and lollipops, Mary from DE
oh ps Michelle have a great time on your trip to washington i know it time is quickly coming