I didn't want you to think I wasn't coming back.

I'm up and moving around. Finally. I've been sick one whole week!

604 800 seconds if you were just curious.

I was desperate last night and I made myself a Peach Brandy Hot Toddy last night hoping the alcohol would relax me enough so I would drift off to sleep. Didn't work. I think I should like double or triple the brandy next time. Hell, just do shots!!!! That'll work.

So, I sat in bed. Rolled around in bed. Read emails. Caught up on reading blogs. Sent emails.

I don't remember when I drifted off to dream land. I do remember waking up around 3:45 am, hacked my way into the living room to watch crap TV. Baby M woke up about 5ish to nurse so I crawled back in bed. I think I got an extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep with very weird dreams. Not Sarah Palin weird but weird nonetheless.

It is such a beautiful day here. Some of the kids went to the tailgate market with Superdad. Some played outside. Some watched TV. Some played on MYSPACE! Do you want to know what I have been doing??

I curled up next to Baby M and took a NAP! A much needed nap with ZERO coughing.

I wish I would get my appetite back. I bet I have lost some pounds being sick this week. In fact I know I have because certain clothes were hanging on me. Certain clothes as in my undies. I actually had Superdad buy me smaller ones this week on his Target trip! I wish I could have seen that shopping trip. Superdad walking around the ladies panties looking for cotton panties for his wife. Yes, I am very practical when it comes to my panties. UNLESS, I am all dressed up or have special "plans" later on. Then I love my VS undies! The soft ones that don't show lines! Oh, or their lacy ones!! They are the best panties you will ever wear!! They are so worth the price! Maybe VS will send me a bouquet of flowers made from panties for the shout out!

Enough talk about my panties.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend. I have notes for future blog topics when I start to feel better.


Maricel said…
Hello Supermom, I'm new here in your blog. I actually came from Mom Bloggers Club and hopped right into here. :)

It's good to know that you are doing okay after being sick. I would definitely agree that it certainly can make us lose weight, and I wonder, if I became sick the whole month, will I lose all those fats that I gained after having kids? I wish! ^_^

Anyways, hope you would feel much better soon and recover quick! Have a great one!

By the way, I'm also looking for some link or button exchanges for my blogroll as well, care for one?

Maricel --- Momhood Moments
Supermom said…
Hi Maricel!

Glad you found my blog! I hope to entertain you!

I hope you have a great week!
Michelle :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Michelle I wear cotton undies too the hanes are my favorite. LOL, Have you called the doctor both my kids had hacking coughs and to get some sleep, he prescribed some Phenergan with codeine just enough to knock them out. Hope you have a better week, love luck and lollipops Mary