Here's what you've been waiting for!

I am sitting down to type up a blog post about today. Then I am going to enjoy some family time with the kiddies and my MIL.

This day has gone by pretty fast. I was up after 5 am and we were on the road by 7 am. We were in the minivan about 15 whole minutes when the "ARE WE THERE YET" was said by a certain 4 year old that I will not call by name. But we all know who I am talking about!!!!

We traveled up 81 through Virginia. It was the most beautiful farm land. I have never seen so many cows!!!!! It was a pleasurable ride. I was even able to enjoy the ride without getting carsick! HUGE BONUS!!!!

Taking the right amount of prescription carsickness medicine was much better than overdosing on Dramamine! Not that I would intentionally overdose. Oh, who am I kidding!!! I did take more than the recommended dose that one time because I was very sick! Anyway....

We stopped along the way to get a bite to eat for lunch and for me to breastfeed Baby M. We came across this road that was named Tinkling Brooks or something like that. It made me want to TINKLE!!!!!! What sort of name is that anyway???? Then right across from Tinkling Brooks there was a has station named Sheetz. To which I said, "Cool, when you are 3 SHEETZ to the wind there is a 24 hour gas station to buy your snacks!'

We checked into our hotel about 3:10 pm. I love our room! I am glad that we have a suite and our bedroom is away from the older kids! That way we don't have to hear them bicker back and forth!!!! Thank you Country Inns & Suites for making it possible for me to get some sleep tonight!

I took pictures of our room before it got totally kidafied!!!! I think I just made up a new word. I will post most of my pictures when we return home! I am just going to give you a small sample while we are away!

Here is a picture of Baby M enjoying her cookie after we checked in.

Baby M with cookie
All four of my kids.

All 4 SuperKids
B2 playing in the pool.

B2 Pool
Baby M playing.

Baby M
I will say that our pool isn't small kid friendly. The tiles were very slick and Baby M really didn't have a place to play. That's okay thought because I am able to type this up while he older kids are playing in the pool.

Everyone that works here has been super nice. They recommended a family place for us to eat for dinner. It was yummy and everyone was able to eat what they liked!! It's hard to find one restaurant that will make 6 people happy. Seven at the moment because we have my MIL with us.

We made it back from dinner only to find that H had forgotten her deodorant and hair spray at home. She went down to the desk and they gave her some for FREE!!!! Awesome!!!


Anna said…
Looks like you're having a great time! I hope all goes well for you.
Monica said…
The pool looks pretty but looks slick...kinda scary for kidos...
Penelope Anne said…
YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! OK I totally thought you were gonna say OH! A place to tinkle and a place to sheetz - LOL! Tell the girls Na said HEEEEEYYYYY!!! Everyone looks happy happy! Im so glad you were able to take a laptop with you (no thanks to HP !@#$%^) The pool floor does look slick - like glass even - YIKES! but the water looks FAB! Love you guys!!! XO