The following acronym probably will not be seen on this blog.

Well, I shouldn't say that. Maybe one day!

Here lately I have been cruising the WWW checking out all sorts of interesting things. GOD, I love the Internet!!! HA HA!!

A different times I will come across a picture and think, "WOW, you shouldn't open this at work!"
It's not like I am looking at porn because it's not like that. I can be reading a respectable online site/blog and come across a kinky subject that includes a picture. No biggie.

I must be slow at times because I never knew what NSFW meant! DUHHH, big red fire truck! I think I will study up on my acronyms!

Just know you will probably never see NSFW on The Adventures of Supermom! Unless, I get brave and show you my lopsided breasts or show you a picture of me being spanked. Sorry, but I would never post those pictures for you to see.

NSFW ~ Not Suitable For Work


april said…
just started following your blog, love it!
Supermom said…
Thank you April!