Day Two in Washington DC.

Hello Supermom FANS!!!!!

We made it back to our room at the Country Inns & Suites!! Boy is it good to be back! We got up this morning about 7 am. I SLEPT REALLY GOOD LAST NIGHT IN BED WITH MY MOTHER IN LAW!! I bet you don't hear that often. Lil O crawled in bed with Superdad and fell asleep so I crawled in bed with my MIL and Baby M. The bed was heavenly!!!

I slept like a baby!

After a nice breakfast in our hotel we headed to the Washington DC Zoo. They have PANDAS!!! I have never seen a Panda before in any zoo that I have been to. Here's a picture of one of the adorable creatures!!!

Washington Zoo Panda

I love ZOOS!!! I always have. My favorite animals are the gorillas and the elephants! The Washington DC Zoo also had a baby gorilla. A baby girl born in January.
She was beautiful! We have pictures and I will post them when we return home. I had hoped to see her breastfeed but she didn't! That would have been totally awesome!

Tomorrow I look forward to checking off more items on the Founding Father's Itinerary from Country Inns & Suite!


Penelope Anne said…
OH MY GOD! HOW GORGEOUS! Now I understand the 'trading the kids' tweet! hee hee! XO
Supermom said…

Lets get one!!
Ness said…
I love pandas!! I want one!