Counting days until school starts, are we??

I will admit that I am not!!! This summer has been fun! The kids have been lots of fun! I will miss them when they start back! Plus, going back to school means another year closer to them graduating. Which means I am another year older. I could go on and on.

This year B2 starts middle school. A brand new middle school. He is really excited!! I am not. My only boy is getting older. It's sad. Next thing he'll have a girlfriend. UGH!!! GAG!!!! ~amused smile~

H will be in her second year of high school. My beautiful H. I will have to loosen the apron strings this year and let her explore a bit more I suppose. MAYBE!!!!!!! She is 15. I have to give her more opportunities to earn trust. I know she will screw up from time to time but it's part of learning.

This is Lil O's last year at home. ~SOBBING~ She will start Kindergarten in 2010. DAMMIT, why do they have to grow up??!??!?!?? I don't want Lil O to go to school. It will make me sad. Perhaps I should look into homeschooling since Mrs F is.

Might as well sign up Baby M for college the way time is moving so fast. Or have another baby. I don't think I want another baby. I am ready to explore and enjoy my life. Not having a baby attached to my boob and such. Not that I am being selfish or anything.

There are a few things I want to get into when my kids get older. It's exciting to plan for the future.

Speaking of the very near future. I am going to finish this delicious cup of coffee and see what I can get into.


Kati said…
My daughter starts preschool this year.. that is saddening... ahh..
Mary said…
Coming from an older moms perspective...It was very nice to have time to myself when they were all in school. It takes a little adjusting but I enjoyed it after that. Enjoy the little things in life and keep them close to your heart.
Anonymous said…
oh michelle you brought back alot of memories for me. Lauryn is now 24 did highschool thing with her and college and we all survived. My sweet amanda turned 19 this june going into her sophmore yr in college in just a few weeks. I have a hard time letting her go, since she is the baby. I know where you are coming from. Enjoy Hannah for who she is but dont give her to much rope as my hub says we dont want to hang our kids. Just let them dangle on a tree limb ready to split. Enjoy your trip to washington and thanks for the offer to meet you, however this is going to be an insane next few weeks for us. takecare and enjoy the trip, Mary from De