The Way You Make Me Feel

I thought it would be appropriate to title this post after one of my favorite Micheal Jackson's song.

I will say that when his daughter spoke I cried. I didn't actually watch the program. I caught parts of it on the World News. I took a nap today sooooo I didn't watch any TV.

Thanks for all the kind words about me and my wonderfully strong heart! I went to my doctor today. The EKG was normal. He said a stress test would be normal too so I declined it. He mentioned that my heart wall could be sore from picking up and placing a baby on my hip while doing things. I am to take Aleve 2 times a day and it should be better in a couple weeks.

I knew it was hard to keep a good woman down. Most of all a Supermom!

Sorry I haven't produced any genius blog posts lately. I just haven't had anything to blog about. Sure I could blog about getting up and making my bed, feeding the kids and such. But that would get pretty boring.

Maybe one day I'll have something entertaining to blog about. Until then just hang on and enjoy the ride!

BTW, Baby M, who is only 14 months old is saying a COMPLETE SENTENCE!!!!!! It's totally awesome. She is Genius Baby M!!!! She will say, "Don't do that!" Today while at the Doctors office I was putting her in the stroller and she bursts out, "Don't do that!" Everyone was tickled!!!

That's my girl! She gets it from me.


Penelope Anne said…
YAY!!!! Im glad your heart is A-OK! HOORAY!!!
I am glad that your EKG was normal. I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and before deciding to stay at home and work REALLY hard raising my children, I used to do nuclear stress tests. If I can answer any lingering questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I have over 10 yrs experience.
Otherwise, I can totally understand what you are saying about not having much to blog about. I have been in quite a slump myself. What a drag!
Monica said…
I was too happy to hear the ticker is still ticking right...

I hope you get M on vidoe saying her first sentence. I bet as soon as O does something she don't like she will say it again.
Anonymous said…
so glad your ok with heart. Baby M is to much. I bet she pick's up alot of what she knows from Lil O. Two smart cookies there with you.Mary
Supermom said…
Thank you guys!!!!

You're stuck with me! :)

I have been trying to video Baby M saying it but no luck just yet!!
Anonymous said…
Glad that you are okay. It's not good to dilly dalley with the heart.

My father had to have an angiogram and two stents this week. So take care ;o)