Vintage Buttons, Bee's and Yogurt.

I sorted out the buttons finally. I combined purple and blue because they were driving me insane. I combined pink and red. I combined the green and yellow. I have a jar of neutral colors. I have a "what's left" jar as well. I am not liking the mason jar idea. When I find a different container to store them then I can sort them again. It was very relaxing. I washed up the old tin they were in as well.

Vintage Buttons

I put them on top of my china cabinet.

Vintage Buttons

Baby M loves to feed herself. She always has to have a bath after. I wonder why?

Baby M Eating Yogurt

Look what Superdad found under our back deck??? Yes, that is a beehive!

Bee's Nest


Anonymous said…
cute pic of baby M nothing like a child enjoying a simple meal.
as for the beehive did u hear any buzzing. I suppose super dad is going to have his hands full ridding your deck of that huge monster. ps to superdad take some benadryl before u tackle that monster just in case you get stung. good luck happy 4th of july , enjoy your weekend all my best, MARY FROM DE
Melissa said…
Animal control will remove the hive for you and relocate it. Have a great 4th of July weekend!
Penelope Anne said…
The buttons are gorgeous in their new habitat - they look happy to ;)
SWEET!!!! and M look to cute eatin her num num - XO
Brenda Jean said…
Baby M is ADORABLE-- Oh my gosh. I've been SO behind on visiting blogs so I hadn't seen any of your kid pics in awhile.

I also LOVE the buttons! I actually like the mason jars too. What if you put a ribbon around the neck of the jars?

Bee's nests scare me and creep me out. YIKES!
Supermom said…
Brenda Jean~

Hello STRANGER!!!!

They are growing like crazy!!!!

Good idea about the ribbon!!!

Michelle :)