TGIF ! ! ! ! !

I love a good Friday! Well, aren't they all good?

Baby M woke me up in the wee hours this morning to nurse. I laid there in bed thinking. Listening to the wind blow. Nothing specific came to mind. Then I drifted back to sleep.

Everyone is home today. Superdad gets a bonus day added to his weekend for the holiday. Last night, LOL, he got all dressed up to hunt bees. Actually remove that hive under the deck. He reminded me of the villain in the first Hell Boy. You know the one filled with sand? It was rather comical seeing Superdad go into battle with the yellow jackets. He didn't get stung so I guess he won the battle. WTG Superdad! You are our hero. Now we can play on the deck again! I got up with the kids this morning so he could sleep in as his reward. I am sure he was thinking of something else though. :)

Be sure to check back later for my Week in Review!!!!!!!!


Penelope Anne said…
YAY Super Dad! Rock on! Im sure was thinking of something a bit different! LOL!
Supermom said…