Supermom talks about weight.

Yesterday I was able to stand on the scales at the doc's office. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I weighed. Not that I am really concerned with it. I have never been one to stress over my weight! I have always been comfy with how I look. Even at 182 pounds the day I went to have my cesarean with Baby M. I thought I was a beautiful pregnant woman. So, here I am 14 months later weighing in at

127 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

AWESOMELY SWEET! I will never have the body of a 17 year old and I am okay with that. I often tell Superdad that I wish he had known me in high school when I could wear a bikini. Do I really? Nahhh. I am comfortable with the way my body looks. Yes, I see a completely different woman in the mirror since having kids.

My breasts are bigger.

I have stretch marks from a growing belly. TIMES FOUR!!!

I see thighs that weren't there before.

Then there is a tummy pouch that even sit-ups cannot get rid of.

HA HA!! You moms know exactly what I am talking about.

It just makes me the woman I am. I am happy. I have been blessed with four wonderful children! So my body is just a reminder that I have created life. Now that is something to brag about!


Red Neck Diva said…
you are so right and it helps when you have a great man that reminds you how wonderful you really are. i am glad to have reached my goal weight of 140.that is the goal i set for myself last augaust.congrats on 127
Supermom said…