Supermom hearts Barry.

I was devastated to find out that my hairdresser moved to Texas. It really is a big deal!!! I understand why she moved but but but I didn't want to find a new person to do my hair.

I asked around and I looked around. Then I made an executive decision.

I admit I picked this place because I pass it from time to time and the name is in french. I love french. I know that's a corny reason to trust your hair with someone but I wasn't disappointed.

I made an appointment at L'eau de Vie Salon and Spa.

I actually sat in the chair to the right! It has a beautiful view of Asheville. I am such a people watcher and it would have been totally fabulous to just sit there all day and watch the people below.

This is where I met Barry. This is also where I met his magic hands! We talked about how I usually wear my hair and such. I was a tad bit nervous. He didn't rush me to a sink to wash my hair. He put a few drops of oil in his hands and had me take a deep breath. He then proceeded to massage my neck and head. ~insert deep sigh here~ It was heavenly. I hate to admit this but I felt one single tear escape my right eye. It was that good.

It was nice to have a mans hands touching me without any expectations. Make sense. I wanted to rip off my clothes for a full body massage. Now now, get your minds out of the gutters. I am not that kind of woman and Barry isn't that kind of man. I meant a real massage. A real massage with my kids NO WHERE near the building in earshot.

I know things happen for a reason. There were too many signs! I was meant to find Barry today! First, my husbands name is Barry. It's not a popular name! Second, Barry has a cat named Madeline!!! NO JOKE!!!!

I am sorry I lost Deeanne but I am glad to have found Barry.

If you are ever in need of a wonderful Salon in Asheville, NC then you need to check out L'eau de Vie Salon. He was worth every bit of the $50.00 I was charged today!! It's a bit more than I usually pay but he gives so much more!

Thank you Barry! I enjoyed meeting you today and I will be calling you back. Getting your hair cut by someone new is like a first date! You just don't have to worry about a kiss goodnight. :)

My new hair!


Melissa said…
Hooray for Barry the hair dresser! Now I have to call mine and make an appointment. I need new hair for a new school year and mine is getting toooo long these days.
Kelly said…
I can't believe that you were so lucky to find a wonderful replacement so soon!

Aren't those head massages great?!
Anonymous said…
michelle your hair is darling i am glad you found barry. I was abit nervous for you today. waited for you to post a blog and pic gosh i felt like i was awaiting word on someone having a baby lol
take care you look good , mary
Monica said…
You hair looks great...
Mrs Furious said…
I love it. I think it might even be a better cut!
I'm paying a bit more for mine right now and I don't get a neck massage! ... I might switch!
Supermom said…
When you get back we can go together!
Penelope Anne said…
this is FAB and your hair looks AWESOME!!!! YAY BARRY!!!!
HeartMommy said…
love it! I am going to the website now. I come.