A recap of my day.

I woke up this morning and wanted to COMMIT to my one hour a day on the Internet! I did really well. I have hung out with the girls! Girls as in my 15 year old daughter, 4 year old daughter and 1 year old daughter.

I cooked with the babies. They helped make some homemade vanilla coriander muffins. YUMMY!!!!! I used the basic muffin mix that has been posted about before. Threw in a couple tablespoons ground coriander and vanilla. I also added some extra salt! They were pretty yummy fresh out of the oven with some buttah!

Then I threw together a meatloaf only using things in the house. My famous recipe calls for salsa. I didn't have any salsa or crushed tomatoes to make my own so I used some garlic and onion sghetti sauce that was in the cabinet. I chopped up an onion and red pepper that was in the fridge. Added some crackers and an assortment of other things. I'll post about how it turned out and post the recipe if you want it!

I have been having some mild chest pain/discomfort for about a week. I had a weird dream suggesting I should see a cardiologist. My family is dropping left and right with heart issues so I thought I'd get looked at. Since I was a twin and born early that weighs in my head. I am sure it is nothing but better safe than sorry. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor and schedule the stress test. Superdad had one a couple years ago so I know it's not a big issue.

I finally did it! I painted on my blank canvas. I sat there for awhile looking at it and thought, "Hmmm, I'll paint you green and go from there." Pictures to come later.

I have enjoyed not being at the computer today!!!! It's my personal goal this week to only spend 1 hour a day sitting in this chair!!! But if you miss me you can always email, IM me or contact me through Facebook. How's that?!? Or even call! Whatever!


Anonymous said…
MIchelle have you tried some prilosect otc. Or tums maybe you have some mild indigestion. good idea to have it checked by your doctor supermom has to take care of her self too, post after you see the doctors. take care Mary from DE
Monica said…
My meat load I add ketchup, mustard, a pepper, a small onion and 4 pieces of toast. Interesting how we all have different ways of a general dinner...lol

Happy painting... I hope to see pics soon.
Monica said…
PS Glad you are going to the doctor...
Anna said…
Like Monica, I am glad you are going to the doctor. If you are not OK, I am going to be really upset.
Supermom said…

I see my doc in a few and then will set up the stress test.

I painted the canvas...didn't like it and already have it green again.

Meatloaf was yummy.

Michelle :)