No word from Hewlett-Packard about sponsorship so I have to have Plan B.

I have emailed them two times the past two plus weeks. All I have received is the one email. Nothing else. Not even a Dear John email.

I am left to assume the answer is a no.

We are counting down the weeks until I trip.

Coming up with Plan B.


Melissa said…
What about Dell? They have those new mini laptops. I'm sure you've seen the lolipop commercial. I wonder if they wouldn't send you one for your trip. I would email them or find out who to contact. Let them know how many readers you reach daily and put your top blogging mom status to work for you. You give fair reviews Michelle. If I had a computer company I'd definitely hook you up!
Anonymous said…
Michelle how bout seeing into renting one for the week. Maybe you can pop over to the Best Buy store, Target or one of those type stores ask the manager if you can use one of the models that are kept on display.
I have an even better idea Superdad should just buy you one out of love. Hint Hint, Mary