My boobs are different sizes.

I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to breastfeeding! You have managed to make me lopsided!! Just what every woman wants to be! Said in a sarcastic tone!

Yesterday I was checking myself out after my bath. Remembering my body in high school. Pregnant with my first child. After having my first child. Pregnant with my second child. After having my second child and nursing my first child. ETC... Fast forward to now. I saw my body yesterday after having my fourth child. Breastfeeding all four kids and still breastfeeding Baby M.

I was always a small breasted woman. A cups were for me! I loved being an A cup. I didn't have to wear a bra. My breasts were all perky and nice. Just the right size.

Now!!!! They are big. Full with milk. AND terribly lopsided!!!!! All of my kids have preferred the left breast. Perhaps it is a different flavor than the right side. ~shurg~ Perhaps all the peanut butter cups that I eat tend to flavor the left side. I'm just saying!

So, what do I do to get my breasts the same size??? At least CLOSER to the same size!!! I cannot go on being lopsided!! What happens when I stop nursing the babe! Will they stay this way? I wonder if Victoria's Secret will make a special bra for moms that have breastfed. It comes with removable pads of different sizes to use on the smaller breast to make it match the other one. Not a bad idea actually.

I hope I have amused you this Wednesday morning. I know you are laughing WITH me and NOT AT me.


Kelly said…
I have this problem as well except that my boobs have always been two different sizes. My left has always been bigger than my right. Now that I have given birth to 3 kids and breast fed, though, it is more noticable. I think that they should definitely make a bra for women that have the lopsided issue. I dont think that it ever goes away.
I am with you on having smaller breasts. I was an A cup before I had all the kids. I have always said it was great because it is easier to find cute tops and they wont sag as much when you get older.
If you find a bra to help let me know!
Melissa said…
You should email Victoria's Secret! What could it hurt. I'm sure Heidi Klum might have some lopsided issues after having 3 kids one after the other. Go for it!
Monica said…
eed to take your idea to Victoria Secret.
Katie Mae said…
As the "boob expert" with my saline filled baby D's... I can help you out here! LOL!

Wal-Mart and tons of other places sell silicon inserts. They are soft, look VERY natural and are about a cup size. You place them in your bra and VOILA! I used them before I was implanted with Frick & Frack the Awesome Rack.

The only downside to these inserts is that they will make your boob sweat like crazy!

Sport bras are also good if the lopsidedness isn't too bad. When you stop breastfeeding I would try one of these out to see if you can sorta smash them back to the same size.

And you know me, I'm an advocate for boobs whether they be natural or fake! If all else fails, surgery is always an option. I had the surgery because it was MY womanly thing to do.

After giving birth to a baseball team and coming out of it all with 30AAA and something they call a Snoopy titty on one side; not being able to wear anything from the woman's section bla bla bla... I went for the gusto!

Yes, they are mine! And my ex hubby has the receipt to prove it!
Melodie said…
Thanks for making me laugh! Yes, it's true, breastfeeding appears to make you lop-sided, especially when baby (or you!) favour one side over the other. I don't know if this problem fixes itself or not. I've been nursing two kids almost 5 yrs now.
At least someone can findsomething funny about it! I'm still traumatized!!!
Supermom said…
Awww Candace!!!!

I feel your pain!

Suchismita said…
One of the 'perks'of motherhood!!. I am told it is a very common after-effect of nursing. anyway, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.