Let's CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This very blog post marks my


Shake your groove thang!!!!!!!! Let's dance!

I didn't realize I was a few posts shy of 1000 until the other day! I thought, "WOW!" That's pretty cool!

You are more than welcome to send flowers, candy, money or insert a fabulous gift here. I am game!!!!

I just want to give my readers a HUGE BIG GIGANTIC thank you for reading
The Adventures of Supermom! Without you I really would be talking to myself!

Thank you for taking the time to comment and send me emails!!!!! I love reading your comments and writing you back!!!


I hope you have a fabulous day and I look forward to writing 1000 more blog posts!


Monica said…
That is too cool... When was Supermom first started? I guess I'm asking when is Supermom's birthday?
Melissa said…
Wow 1000 posts! Congratulations. I think you should email hp again. After all you could write post 2000 on a hp laptop ;)
Supermom said…

I am not sure if I have a "real" birthday for the blog. It started out as boring ramblings when I was pregnant with Lil O. I just used AOL and let me tell you it was B O R I N G.

Then I moved it to MySpace. Not sure why I just didn't join a blogging network instead. MySpace was the "IN" thing at the time.

I then moved to Wordpress. Wordpress didn't have ads at the time and I wanted to add that to my blog. Perhaps make some extra money.

I started toying with buying a domain name. I did for a long time. My friend Tammy King MADE me get off my butt and do something!

I moved to Blogger then bought www.theadventuresofsupermom.com and several other names.

I am really thrilled with the popularity of my blog. It gives me an outlet. An outlet that I require to stay same.

Per your idea I emailed HP again with my finalized Country Inns & Suites information.

-crossing fingers-
Anonymous said…
Michelle congrats. I look foward to your daily blogs. Continued success, Mary from DE
Penelope Anne said…
Supermom said…
Thank you!!!!