Just SAY NO to HEAD!!!

**I removed the actual picture.**
Yes, I covered his face to protect his identity!

Yesterday this Supermom was furious. I mean bite you head off and spit it out FURIOUS! ~breath Michelle~

H has Myspace. For her to have MySpace I know the password and have all the access over her account that I want. Mom can stop by at any time and read comments and check her mail. That's the rules. You want MySpace then you play by MY rules or you don't have it.

Anyway, the account is set up with ONE of my email addresses so the updates come to me! I am a pretty smart mom! This came to my phone yesterday:

um so about that head

Excuse me? I only know ONE meaning of HEAD. I was spitting fire!!!!!!!!!! H was at VBS and wouldn't be home until after 8:30 PM so I had lots of time to stew. I was on pins and needles. Just getting more angry with each passing minute.

She got home and I sent her brother to take a shower then had a HEART TO HEART with her. She was upset and crying because she knew her BF would never say that to her. They both have talked about sex and know that it's not happening and they don't want it to happen. She said he was over at a friends house and his guy friends were teasing him about it earlier. That's how they came to have the sex conversation. LET ME ADD THAT MY DAUGHTER HAS NEVER BEEN GIVEN THE CHANCE TO BE ALONE WITH A BOY!!!!!!!!

I told her that it better COME off his page. She tried to call him at the friends house and there was no answer. She sent him a message through MySpace.

I want to believe her. I really do. I know boys can tease each other. I just don't know.

So today you need to teach your kids my new motto.


Repeat after me.



SAY NO TO HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

I told her that if it doesn't come off his page that I will wrap his you know what around his neck and show him what head looks like!

PS. Never piss off a Supermom with a VERY PUBLIC BLOG THAT HAS LOTS OF READERS!!!!


Anonymous said…
Omg Michelle what a shocker. Your on top of everything I am sure H got the message. As for the boys involved watch out supermom has powers beyond anyone's control.Go get them Michelle. I am giving you a standing ovation over the whole myspace stuff. You have to be your kids watch dog. CONGRATS MICHELLE FOR BEING A PARENT. take care Mary
Melissa said…
I wouldn't know what to do if this happened to one of my girls. Is it bad that I'm thanking God that they're only 6 and 9 and I still have some time to learn the tricks from you? :)
Monica said…
I wonder what happens when he has to face supermom?
That's right Supermom - no settling for the foolishness! I'll pray for peace and that you won't have to use your powers on anyone anytime soon.
Stacy said…
Michelle - I so feel your pain right now. My 17 year old niece, tha I have custody of just had her own "come to jesus" talk. I have rights to her phone and was going through her pictures.I found a picture of her BF penis!! I flipped out and that is an understatement. My husband called her BF to our house for a man to man talk. They will not be allowed to see each other for a month, and I'm still debating whether to take her phone and computer away. Good luck, I know I need it!
Kelly said…
I agree with you about being able to see and know what is going on with their MySpace, I did it with Starr.

But I'm not so sure I would be so angry about the message. Trust me, I'm not saying you are wrong...feelings are feelings! I get mad at things all the time!! But it opens the doors for yet another conversation, for understanding, for openness, for trust. Teenagers are exposed to so many things, they are in a constant state of learning. Lessons are learned, this is one of them.

What would be wrong is ignoring it or not being involved enough in your child's life to even KNOW that there may be a problem lurking!

You are an awesome Supermom! Hugs.
Supermom said…
Just an FYI.

I didn't raise my voice last night. We spoke adult to teenager.

H knows she can talk to me and she does. I have a good daughter who is being raised right!

It's the boys that I worry about.
Penelope Anne said…
i realize this is MAJOR - im just wandering if he was talking about 'that' head - being around teenagers alot - they have switched to calling it brains over the last couple of years - you may have noticed it in some hip hop tracks? idk - hoping for the best :)
Katie Mae said…
From a mom sitting here while my 15 yr. old and her driving BF are outside on the back porch in full view of me... if the BF put that on H's MySpace then get rid of him...

But I read part 2, and who really knows what is going on? One of his friends could have done it, especially if he doesn't have Internet access and accidentally left his MySpace signed on somewhere else ya know?

I've learned to "trust" until I'm given a definite reason not to. Make H delete the comment and carry on.
I love your proactive stance on your kids and the internet. There are alot of bad things online. I know. I go to them.

Oral sex has become no big deal for kids these days. Keep your eyes wide open. Look at me giving you advice like you need it. Ha!
Supermom said…

At least you are honest about your naughty habits!!!

I take all advice given!!!!!

Yeah, my wife said she would castrate me if I continued that naughty habit.