Just once I'd love to be recognized.

Is that petty?? I don't think so. I work really hard for my blog and have tons of readers. Thank you for listening to me rant and rave. You are along for the adventurous ride that I call my life.

We were away for the weekend staying at a very busy hotel. A nice hotel. We've been staying there like the past 9 years. We enjoy it that much.

I was laying by the pool people watching. I had this bizarre thought that it would be totally COOL if someone came up and squealed, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I read your blog!!! It's nice to meet you Supermom!!!!" Then of course I would ask them to sit down with me and we would talk the afternoon away. They'd get to meet my crazy family and we would secretly smile at the topics that I have blogged about.

It didn't happen.

~The closet thing I have gotten to that is when we were signing papers for our refinance at the lawyers office. The girl that was having us sign the papers told me her friend reads my blog and told her about me. ~ It just wasn't the same.


Michele said…
Good morning, Michelle! I don't know if this will help you feel better, but I LOVE your blog. It is the only one I read every day. I have read others, but I am "addicted" to your blog. You are a fantastic writer, and I just feel like you really "get" motherhood, marriage, and family life. Thank you for your AWESOME blog!

Michele from Ohio
Supermom said…
Thank you Michele!!!!!!

It did make me feel better!!!!!
Jana Green said…
I THOUGHT I saw you and your family at the beach on Saturday. Does that count?
Supermom said…

Awww, you are toooo sweet!!!!! I wish you had seen me at the beach on Saturday!!!!!!

Michelle :)
Kelly said…
If it were me...my life, you know...that moment would happen at the most embarrassing moment. I'm not going to guess which embarrassing moment. That would be just putting it out into the universe for future creation!!
Monica said…
Next play date at CEC I will do this for you...lol
Mrs Furious said…
I have this same fantasy... JUST ONCE... that's all I ask... come on!!!
Supermom said…
I agree Mrs F!!!!