Is sick blogging like drunk blogging?

Not that I have ever blogged under the influence!!!! ~cough cough~

While in bed over the weekend I was blogging from my Blackberry. I had crazy weird thoughts going through my head.

Like I was a superhero who could kick ass. I could save the world if only I felt better!!

I guess drunk blogging I would be kicking ass and saving the world. Ridding it of mean evil people.

Sick blogging isn't as extreme as drunk blogging. I AM GUESSING!!

Sick blogging is whiny blogging, boo hoo no one is taking care of me. I could be dying in here and all everyone else thinks about is, "Is MOM staying in bed all day?"

Superdad was lost without me this weekend. These are actual things he said to me over the weekend.

"Are you going to stay in bed all day?"

"Come watch TV with me, you can lay on the couch."

"This poopy diaper is yours."

"Aren't you going to spend anytime with me this weekend?"

"I guess this means no sex this weekend." Said in a JOKING way!!!!

I tease. Well, no I don't because he actually said all that to me. As I was sick in bed! Drooling all over my pillow thinking about sex, chocolate, peanut butter and donuts!


These are actual things that I have said over the weekend.

"If I was going to be an alcoholic I would have been one a long time ago."

"Because the BED is softer than the couch."

"I am NOT changing that diaper."

"What do you mean you won't become a pastry chef?"


Yes, it has been entertaining in our house the past couple of days. Would have made for some great video blogging!

Over the weekend I was Twittering random things to do while you are in bed sick.

~Program all your cell phone numbers into the house phone.

~Paint you toenails all a different color.

~Pluck your eyebrows.

~Dream about a beach that didn't allow kids or husbands!! HA HA!! I tease!