I'm a lousy patient.

I have been in bed all day today and all day yesterday. Which isn't like me at all. Even after surgery I'd have good drugs and been able to get out of bed.

I have whined!

I have moaned! (Not in a good way.)

I have groaned!

I have called friends.

I have read.

I have emailed friends.

I have text-ed friends.

I even called donut places!

Since I had no luck talking Superdad into becoming a pastry chef I had to come up with Plan B. When I feel better I am going to make the ultimate chocolate peanut butter cake

I'll bake two round cake layers in chocolate. Then I will layer them with the creamiest peanut butter. THEN ice the whole cake with with a chocolate peanut butter icing!

That's my plan!

Who needs donuts when I have Plan B?

Let me share a funny story before I climb back in bed with a screaming crying Baby M.

Superdad and Lil O went to get take-out for dinner last night. They brought me home some peanut butter cups. I opened a package for Lil O and she gobbled up her two peanut butter cups. I open my pb cups and she said, "Lets share." I told her, "That wouldn't be fair because you've already had two. Sharing would make you have three and me ONE."

I proceeded to eat my two peanut butter cups while she cried.

I'm all about being fair!!!!


Monica said…
I'm so sorry you feel bad...
Anonymous said…
Good story MIchelle about the peanutbutter cups and sharing. I guess Lil O got over her crying jag. While mommy enjoyed every little bite of her peanutbutter cups. I had to laugh. Mary
Kaza said…
Sorry you're sick. It's not fair to be sick AND craving the impossible.
Melissa said…
I hope you feel better soon! That Cake sounds YUMMY!