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I Love it!

I am in bed nursing Baby M.

Lil O comes and jumps in the bed and starts to talk.

Baby M stops nursing, rolls over and goes, "Shhhhh.". Then starts to nurse again.

Lil O, "Why did she go shhhhh?"

Baby M stops nursing, rolls over and goes, "Shhhhh." again.

I am thinking she wants you to stop talking.

I do tooooo.


Penelope Anne said...

LOL! I can see it in my mind! :)

Blahbitty Blahbitty Blahbitty Blah! said...

Ha! I have given up on having ANY peace and quiet ever again. Well, really only for the next twelve years (at least)!

Ness said...

Too funny!!

Supermom said...

Blah Blah~ I hear you!!!! I think it will be longer than 12 years for me!!!