I Drive a Freaking Minivan!

This was a piece of Flair sent to me on Facebook! It's true. I drive a minivan! That is a good assumption because I do have four kids! Where would I put them in a regular sized car?? Trunk? Glove box?

I don't mind driving a minivan! They are hip and cool these days! I can push a button to open and close the doors. I can move the seats around. I can seat EIGHT BABY!!! I can listen to six different CD's and make my kids cry over the music choices. THE DRIVER GETS TO PICK THE MUSIC!!!! No, my kids cannot watch a DVD in the minivan. Come on now. I think they can survive a 15 minute ride without watching a silly DVD!! They can use their imagination or READ for goodness sake!!!! If we do take a long trip we can take the portable DVD player. No biggie.

Just think about the BIG vans that were so hip and cool back in the day. Those vans are called BURT these days! Big Ugly Rolling Turds. With the captains chairs and home sized TV and VCR in the back! Talk about swank!! Perhaps some shag carpet to boot!!!!!

I wish my Honda had a choice for swag carpet and beads. I would have totally picked that option!!!

I only have one complaint about having a minivan. I feel sooooo totally lost when I am driving somewhere ALONE. That big van is meant for a family not a hot mom driving somewhere by herself!!!

I will share an actual conversation I had with my sister one day.

Supermom~ I don't care how hot you are!!! You will not be noticed, looked at or flirted with when you are behind the wheel of a minivan!!!!!!

Why is that?? Does the minivan scream, "FRUMPY MOMMY BEHIND THE WHEEL!!!!!"

You tell me. Don't dismiss the mommy behind the wheel of her minivan!!! We could be smoking hot wearing heels. Just a heads up.


Kelly said…
I know how you feel. I never thought I'd be driving a minivan, but now that I have 3 children and one on the way, there just isnt any way to drive a sporty car. I love the room, however. If the kids are fighting, I can separate them easily.
I am with you! I always thought the first, old minivans looked like a woman's plaything on wheels. Now, they are much nicer and much more pleasing to the eye. I wrote a post on my blog about my minivan a while back. I called the van "the death of my coolness"...and, it is. (sigh) Oh well- I can't strap my children to the roof of a cool mustang. :)