I am such a total G O O B E R ! ! ! !

Last night I was invited to a girls night out at the Grove Park Inn. I LOVE THE GROVE PARK INN!!!! I had debated if I was going to go for days! I usually don't go out without my babes! Not that I am unable to go out, I just choose not to go out.

I had already had a bath and in my pj's crawled up in bed. Then I decided, "WHY NOT?" So at 8:30 pm I started getting ready. I thought I looked really nice all dolled up. I even wore a pair of heels. They are some of my favorites. I found them in Atlanta, GA at a place called Junk Man's Daughter. I think that's it. I'll ask Superdad when he gets up because he is the one that introduced me to that awesome store!!!

Then everyone started moaning that their mommy/wife was leaving them to fend for themselves. Really, they did!!! So then I was doubting my decision and about ready to crawl back in bed. Lil O was crying that she would miss me. Baby M kept wanting to nurse. I am sure she sensed that I was leaving as well. HA HA!! H & B2 were BICKERING!! OMGoodness!!!!

I made it out the door and made the short drive to the GPI. I live just down the road so at least I would be close to home if I was needed.

I had a terrible time. LET ME REPHRASE THAT!! The company was wonderful but I missed my family. I was anxious and out of my comfort zone. Since I was driving I only allowed myself one drink. If I had been able to drink a couple more I would have relaxed and had a better time.

To make a short story even shorter, I was home by 10:30. HA HA!!! I am such a GOOBER!!!

Maybe next time I'll do better.


Monica said…
You are not a goober...You are a devoted mom and wife. It's hard to break out of your daily grove. But remember it is ok to treat yourself sometimes. Of course the little ones are going to not understand. It's hard to think mommy is leaving. It is a hard concept that mommy will come back home. They just do not understand. It is good for them to learn they can sleep without mommy and it will be ok.
Ness said…
I know what you mean! Gone are the days we could go out and stay up till 2am.
Unfortunately my kids don't seem to mind if I leave!
Supermom said…
Now to teach mommy that she can leave the house without the kids!
Kaza said…
This is so me. (And is why I hardly ever go out with the girls. And why the hubs and I rarely even do a date night... and we have only one kiddo!)
Felicia said…
Cool! You are in Asheville too! Are you going to the Type-A Mom Conference?