How you doin'?

~amused laugh here~

I love that line from Friends. I love that Joey Tribbiani could pull it off so well!!!

How you doin'?

I have told H that if a guy comes up to her and says that she is to walk the other way. HA HA!!!

It just popped into my head today so I've been saying it all random today! Kind of like "Don't be hatin" and "That's how I roll".

I can feel my kids cringing as I type this!! Don't they know I am a cool hip mom and they should be proud of me. I try not to embarrass them too much on this blog. I am sure I could though if they make me angry enough. Joking of course. Or am I?


Melissa said…
True story. I met a guy at a beach bar and he asked me to take a walk down the beach with him. I was 18 and dumb so I agreed. We found a spot to sit and talk and he immediately reached for the tag on my shirt. I looked at him and said " What the hell are you doing?" He said "I'm checking your tag" To which my reply was " What the hell for" and this is the honest to God truth. He said " I'm checking to see if you were made in heaven". I'm surprised I didn't puke on him as I got up to walk away. I thought cheesy pick up lines were only used in movies and in a joking manner... but this guy proved me wrong.
Supermom said…
OH MY!!!!!

Superdad used to say lines to me when we were dating.

Like "You must be tired, because you've been running through my mind all day."


"Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven."

Obviously I like cheesy lines.

Penelope Anne said…
LOL!!!! your crazy! OXOX
Melissa said…
In high school I had 2 guy friends that would give me and another friend a cheesy line every day. If they didn't, my day was so incomplete.

My favorite: If you were yogurt, would you be fruit on the bottom or gently stirred.

Ah high school days.
Supermom said…
How you doin"??????

Michelle :)