Even Supermoms Get the Blues.

I am feeling totally helpless the past week or maybe even longer. I cannot explain. Is there really any need to explain. I feel like I am being pulled in several directions all at once. I just want to "SCREAM, GIVE ME A F*******MOMENT TO COLLECT MY THOUGHTS PLEASE!"

Entertaining the kids for the summer has been work. Bored kids tend to bicker, argue and slam doors. Well, they slam doors even when they aren't bored. I have great kids so I don't have to worry about them much. B has already had scout camp and next he will go to church camp at the end of the month. H already did her church camp on a nice beach. Wish I could go to camp on the beach for a week where KIDS aren't allowed.

We are getting ready for the trip!!! Remember last year?

I have mentioned about a certain hotel giving 4 mom bloggers a free vacation. My trip is coming together and I cannot WAIT TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT!!!! I will tell you my destination. Washington DC. I get to see the Smithsonian and The White House. The kids are going to love it. I love museums and I know this trip is going to be amazing!!!! When everything is planned I will tell you all about this great opportunity the Superhero family has been given. BONUS: My BF Mary Jane and her husband live in the area so I get to spend time with her!!!!!! MJ and Supermom BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!! She was just here in May for my birthday!!!!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

Anyway, I have been in contact with HP to see if they'd like to hook a Supermom up with a laptop for the trip. I have to update my blog, do video clips and tweet all about the trip while I am on it. PLEASE PLEASE HP HOOK SUPERMOM UP WITH A LAPTOP!!! Why wouldn't you want Supermom to promote for them?? I'd want Supermom to promote for me if I wasn't Supermom. You get the drift!

I am in a total Madonna phase this morning. I have VOGUE blaring. SO, I am going to dance around the house like no one is watching.

Come on Vogue. Let your body move to the music. Come on Vogue. Let you body go with the flow....


Monica said…
That is a super bonus that MJ lives near... This trip to Washington will be a great blogging topic. And I have been looking at lap tops and would love some advise on a new laptop.
Monica said…
I think the stressed feeling is comming from. Mom I want this. Mom take me hear. Mom I need this.Mom...Mom...Mom... Then you have got to get the kids together for the trip "s" packing and unpacking. Then Mom I want I need I'm hungery.

Then there is hubby you know he is probably grumpy because of the hugh change. He works,he eats, he sleeps... That is his usual but now He is needed to play ring around the roses and listening to 50 bass blarring and cartoon constant. Mom feels kids stress + hubby's stress when they don't alway do the same in return. Mom is suppose to fix all problems. No questions ask.

Sorry Supermom you get to do double time for that nap you just took...j/k
Anonymous said…
MIchelle you will love washington dc i have been there several times its about 1 1/2 hours from our home in delaware. Hope you have a fab time there. If you have a chance check out the zoo there as well. Oh ps if hp wont hook you up I am sure you can rent a lap top from a local computer shop. Perhaps you can pull on their heartstrings. Have a nice sunday Mary oh ps i have a laptop it is my special friend, I bought it for myself with bonus checks from work. take care Mary
Kelly said…
You might be in DC about the same time as my daughter and her friends. If you see a group of three 20 year old girls and a 20 year old boy (who looks 16..sorry C, but it's true!) who are having way more fun than the location demands, it might be them! Wave and say a prayer for me as I worry through each moment!

Good luck with the laptop...you totally need one!!
Supermom said…

You could travel down and meet the Supermom Family!!!!!!!

Think about it!