A day in my shoes. Or part of it anyway.

Just so you know.

~I usually breastfeed Baby M while typing up blog posts. I am right now.

~My breakfast is usually coffee with a side of my meds. I usually skip the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day. I always have a nice lunch, dinner and an afternoon snack.

~I drink water all day!!!!!! Unless I make a pitcher of sweet tea. I DO live in the south and sweet tea is in our food pyramid.

~I always make my bed up when I get out of it. That way I resist the urge to crawl back in it to hide from the kids. They always find me anyway.

~I am usually the last one to get dressed. It's usually right before lunch when I get a chance. I don't mind though because I love wearing my pj's.

~I have been known to even wear my jammies to get the kids from school. No biggie. I stay in the minivan anyway.

To Be Continued. (My sis just called.)

**Let me try this again.**

~I leave Facebook open most of the day. I enjoy writing quick updates and see what everyone else is up to. ~Plus play Scrabble, hanging head~

I listen to lots of music during the day. Right now I am listening to Bjork, Come To Me.

~I love to dance around with the kids. They think I am totally a goof ball.

~I usually enjoy a cold beer in the afternoon. H will sometimes give me a hard time about it. I don't get tipsy or anything like that. I love a cold beer. I was once told,

"You have four kids if you didn't drink I would think something is wrong with you."

You KNOW who you are that once told me that!!!!

~I can totally tune out the kids when they argue. Unless I hear a blood curdling scream then I am all over it. They have to learn to work somethings out between themselves. Agree?

To Be Continued Again...


Monica said…
You will have major tummy issues not eating some crackers or something taking meds on an empty stomach. I have been there not good. It will also make you have more headaches.
Supermom said…
Well, I may take a bite of banana. But I am not fixing homemade biscuits or gravy.